Who is Juno?

On November 12th Laura Lambert Smith took her daughter, Juno, to the doctor for a follow up on an illness that wasn’t getting better. They were sent to ER for a full panel blood test where they found her white blood cell counts alarmingly low.

Juno was rushed to Denver Children’s Hospital via ambulance, where after a series of tests, our worst fears were confirmed; she had leukemia.

After further testing, it was established Juno has B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) along with a Philadelphia Chromosome or BRC/ABL, a rare form of leukemia for children.
What does this mean?

8-year-old Juno will undergo treatment until she is 11 years old. There is a 70-80% cure rate. Signs are good Juno will be cured.

However, treatment is more aggressive than most types of childhood leukemia due to her Ph+ status. Her current therapy of aggressive chemo, steroids, and constant painful testing are causing all of the side effects that come with this treatment. Side effects like hair loss, sores, sickness, and daily discomfort.

This forced Laura to step away from her business, All-Star Cleaning Services, and care for her daughter during the upcoming 3-years of treatment.

Laura gives back to the community constantly. Now it’s our turn to support her by raising donations for Juno through this conference.

100% of the money raised goes straight to Juno’s family to support them through this challenging season in their lives.

Helping us support them while also getting a chance to learn from the best in the business, network with amazing people, and create life long friendships with amazing entrepreneurs.

Now that you know why we’re doing this join us at the conference! Level up your business, network with the best cleaning biz owners and managers, and help Juno in her fight against cancer.