Online  September 15th-30th, 2020

Suggested Donation $3,000

What you’ll get in this online conference

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” Simply put, this is the room you need to be in. The largest and most successful cleaning business owners in the country have come together to support one of our own. They will share the secrets to their success in an open but intimate forum. They are coming together this one time to put on an event like none other for a cause like none other, to support a little girl and her fight with leukemia. Even though all of these people own massively successful cleaning companies they have expressed how excited they are to be in a room with their peers learning from each other, eating and drinking and socializing. And now you get to be there too! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to take yourself and your business to a whole new level and to support Juno and her family as they face a battle that none of us can even imagine.

  • Online Video Experience to Watch Over and Over
  • Downloadable conference assets
  • 17+ Successful Cleaning Business Speakers.
  • 1 Amazing Conference for an Amazing Cause

Included in the conference

Receive a thumb drive with Laura’s entire business included.  That includes ever system, process, and document that is used to run a 2.5+ million dollar business. This is where you get to dive into the nitty-gritty of anything you are struggling with and see how it operates seamlessly in a business this size.

Why are we doing this?

On November 12th Laura Lambert Smith took her daughter, Juno, to the doctor for a follow up on an illness that wasn’t getting better. It has been established that Juno has B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) along with a Philadelphia Chromosome or BRC/ABL, a rare form of leukemia for children. We are suggesting a $3000 donation, and 100% of the money raised is going straight to Juno’s family to support them through this difficult season in their lives.

Learn more about Juno here

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Who are we?

In 2018 Laura pulled together a group of the largest and most successful cleaning business owners in the country to create a Mastermind Group to help each other to grow their business to the next level.  It was kicked off with an invite-only conference in Fort Collins, CO called the Native Genius Summit. She did this 100% at her own cost and just because she wanted to be in a room with some of the smartest business owners she knew.

When this happened to Laura we wanted to help her as much as she has helped us.  We decided to offer this event as a way to raise funds to help Laura and Juno with their battle.

Now you can be in the room with some of the largest and most successful cleaning business owners too.  We have some of the best speakers in the industry in a beautiful venue, and a half day field trip to see Laura’s business, All Star Cleaning. 

All Star currently has 750+ recurring clients, 49 employees, they do over $2.5 million per year in revenue, and you get to see it all as a bonus.   Laura and Juno are going to visit as well, but please realize they have a lot of they are dealing with, and their visit will be brief. You will get to see her business and managers that have been able to keep the whole thing running without her as well as her friends who are willing to give their time and knowledge to those that come out to support Laura and Juno.

Conference Schedule

September 15th-30th, 2020

Speaker Topic
Elena Ledoux Welcome/Keynote
Liz Trotter You Can Have the BEST People Working for YOU!: Turn EVERY employee into a STAR employee
Trisha Lake Million Dollar Marketing.
Ryan Knoll No Bull Sh*t Local SEO
Tom Stewart Manage With Numbers That Count
Debbie Sardone Overcoming Growth Plateaus At Every Level
Elena Ledoux How to Act Like a Buffalo Even When You Feel Like a Cow
Meaghan Likes Creating Financial Freedom in Your Cleaning Business
Kedma Ough What Business Movie are You Playing Right Now?
Greg Shepard Dominate Google: The secrets to great search engine optimization.
Martha Woodward Transparent Quality Control: How to develop a transparent accountability system so that your employees can control their own path to success.
Heather Gilch Canning Interview with Passion, Hire with Purpose!
Alonzo Adams A Hustlers Mindset
John Braun Carpet Cleaning as a Profitable Revenue Stream
Laura Smith Slay with Operational Excellence
Brandon Vaughn Find The Vein: Relationship Marketing
Laura Lambert Smith My Story and Inspiration